Job Description :
Title: Service Engineer 3
Location: Redmond, WA
Duration: 6-18 months contract

Job Description:
2+ years of experience deploying, running and servicing complex online services hosted on windows operating systems.
1+ years or experience scripting in PowerShell and C#
A lack of experience in C# or Java.
Someone who wants to work remote on a regular basis.
Experience with monitoring and BI systems (Splunk, Elasticsearch, Log Stash, etc Splunk Preferred
Experience managing Active Directory, and implementing domain best practices such as patching policies etc.
C# experience (Java would be acceptable as well)
Deploying, monitoring and designing cloud services
Cloud experience

Must Skills:
C# (or Java) experience in services (writing web services or cloud services)
Proven capability to communicate/collaborate (Examples of partnering with larger groups of people to complete a project/solve a problem)
Running windows environment/monitoring the experiences for windows servers