Job Description :
Direct End Client: State of New York
Job Title: Server Administrator
Duration: 24 Months
Start Date: 1/3/2019
Location: Menands, NY , 12204
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: In Person or Telephonic or Webcam
Requirement ID: SNY_HD842_MS

Required Skills:
Minimum 84 months experience Installing, Upgrading, Patching, and Troubleshooting Server based Software Products
Minimum 24 months experience in supporting Server Operating Systems
Minimum 24 months experience in Web Server administration
Minimum 24 months experience in Network troubleshooting
Minimum 24 months experience in Database client installation and configuration
Minimum 24 months experience in Security Principals
Minimum 24 months experience in System Architecture and Design

Department: Information Technology Services (ITS)

This position will assist in the supporting of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software. Duties may include
Provide local agency support for the Spectrum Justice System (SJS) RMS application.
Installing, upgrading, and/or patching of COTS software, both on a Server and Client machines.
Troubleshooting existing COTS software issues
Troubleshooting Server issues
Troubleshooting Network issues
Troubleshooting File system issues
Troubleshooting Database connectivity issues
Assist with System Architecture and Design

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