Job Description :
Senior Wordpress Developer
Atlanta, GA
Full Time

Total 5+ years.
Experienced in deploying websites built using LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on Cloud Hosting Services ( Google Cloud, AWS )

o In depth understanding of LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Architecture
o Experience in Google Cloud Hosting (Cloud Launcher, API Manager, App Engine, Compute Engine, Load Balancing, Cloud DNS, Cloud SQL)
o Experience in configuring Scalable Wordpress sites using multiple instances and Load Balancer
o Experience in Amazon WebServices Hosting (EC2, S3 )
o Experience with Advanced WordPress Configuration and fully customized WP sites
o Strong understanding of PHP back-end development.
o Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery.
o Experience in Migrating a WordPress site from one Cloud Provider to another. (preferably AWS to GCP )
o Experience Configuring CDN (Google Cloud CDN) for a WordPress site.
o Experience managing MySQL Database and Cloud SQL.
o Source Code Version control tools like GitHub
o Continuous Integration/Deployment tools like Jenkins, Puppet, CodeShip
o Experience with WordPress plugins – especially Image storing in Cloud bucket, SEO.