Job Description :
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Duration: CTH

Roll: Phoenix, AZ - IT - AZDOA - N/A - Senior System Administrator

Job Summary

The Systems Administrator will maintain, upgrade and provide support for clients software, hardware, and networks. The Systems Administrator needs to be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly, be available to respond to requests after hours. The individual should be able to easily communicate technical concerns and solutions to many different people with varying degrees of technical knowledge as well as work with individuals in all department to help solve their technical issues. The Systems Administrator is also responsible for maintaining our system infrastructure, testing computer equipment, backing up databases, installing and updating malware software, installing and rebuilding existing servers as well as other processes.

The following responsibilities and core skills are expected for the HRIS System Administrator:

Manage system infrastructure including, databases, testing computer equipment, firewalls, malware and other software and hardware.
Provide technical support for both hardware and software issues that may arise.
Monitor the system daily and respond quickly to any security breaches or usability concerns.
Backup systems and verify that backups have been completed.
Regularly upgrade systems as needed.
Assist in integrating new applications and technologies into the current system

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Senior System and Storage administrators must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the following functions:

Storage administrator
IBM V7 Storage & Flash storage
IBM Storage Copy Services (flash copy, remote copy)
SAN (configuration & zoning)
System administrator
Administering AIX operating system
Administering Linux operating system
Administering Windows server(2012, 2018) including installation and configuration
Administrating VMs hypervisor (Xen / VMware)
Manage Lawson application (LSF, LTM) including installation and configuration
SQL administration (SQL 2012, 2014)
Networking and security
Apache and Websphere applications administration & configuration