Job Description :
Senior Software Engineer (IRC55606)

Location – Irving TX

Mode FTE

Job Description

Shall have at least 7 years of progressive experience in designing, implementing, maintaining and porting
applications on set-top boxes and consumer electronics devices

Shall be an expert experience in C++11/14, STL, memory management in C++

Shall have experience with OpenGL ES

Shall have deep knowledge of embedded development in a constrained environment (i.e. with constrained CPU/GPU/Memory)

Should have good understanding of Linux including multithreading, networking, IPC.

Must have experience with at least one of popular Version control systems (e.g. Git preferred)

Must have Experience in developing media players (gstreamer, FFmpeg, etc

Must have Experience in Qt/QML

Knowledge of CMake is a plus

Knowledge of C++ unit testing frameworks (e.g. Google Test) is highly desired

Must have very good debugging skills (gdb, core dumps)

Must have worked in project teams drven by agile methodologies/frameworks (e.g. scrum)

Person should be a self-starter and shall be able to mentor junior team members

Job Responsibilities

Design, implement and maintain solutions for Verizon Video Solutions

Perform system, applications and services performance and memory usage analysis and fine tuning of IPTV Setbox / IPTV Services etc

Would be participating in architecture and design reviews of various componets and features building Verizon Video Solution

Would collaborate with different functional owners to come up with the design / architecture

Would develop application software according to the product requirements

Provide technical support and troubleshoot various issues

Department/Project Description

This position is for Verizon IPTV C++ Team

Keyskills - Must Have

· C++ - advanced, Qt, QML