Job Description :
QUALIFICATIONS – ESSENTIAL • Bachelor of Science in computer science or related field • Must have robust Data Warehousing experience and ETL experience • Must have SAS Administration experience with SAS Metadata. • Must have strong Data Modeling experience • At least 7 years of progressive experience in designing and developing systems or applications for reporting, data management and analytics using SAS • Senior Expert level SAS proficiency in the following: o Base SAS DATA step programming (i.e. Data step programming: use of functions, merges, working with lags, retains, arrays, Proc Means, Proc Transpose, Excel Tagsets, and other Procs for general data manipulation and reporting)

o SAS Macro language for use in making code more efficient and building modular systems (treating macros as subroutines) o SQL programming (i.e. use of both SQL pass-through and PROC SQL via SAS/Access to one or more databases) o SAS/Access to Relational Databases to read/write to/from RDBMS o Utilizing SAS Enterprise Guide and its functionality to create project flows which could include aspects of data access, manipulation, summarization, and report generation to a variety of output formats and channels • Understands SAS best practices, tips & tricks, and innovative in the usage of SAS • Experience with proper SAS code testing procedures and has good understanding of when results are correct or need to be revised • Good written and spoken communications skills in English and thought-leadership skills • Self-starter, works independently as necessary, and with other business and technical people • Ability to convey in business/layman terms what SAS code is doing • Ability to understand business requirements and validate / ask appropriate follow up questions in order to translate to what is needed for SAS processing