Job Description :

Company is seeking an exceptionally qualified Senior Program Buyer to join our recognized team of experts to provide a solution for the U.S. Air Force’s T-X program. Company ties together an exceptional T-100 Team comprised of world-class aircraft. The T-100 is purpose-built for a wide range of training capabilities, long-term reliability, and cost-effective operations. These characteristics – along with its proven integrated training system comprised of Simulators and Ground Based Training devices – make the T-100 the best solution to train today’s next generation of fighter pilots. For additional information on the T-100 program, please visit our T-X Program website.

The Program Buyer executes/generates CPSR-compliant purchase orders, based on approved requisitions, requests for proposals, bids and other similar and necessary documents related to the purchasing of commodities or major subcontract items.


(1) Facilitate and manage any supplier issues (i.e., cost, quality, delivery, customer service
(2) Manage all aspects of supplier, including A/P holds.
(3) Drive consistent communications between planning, project accounting, and project management for consistent project Material EAC’s and execution charts.
(4) Initiate and follow through on any supplier changes (Engineering Change Notices
(5) Lead negotiations and apply knowledge of commercial contract law and guidelines, practices and requirements to assess, plan and negotiate best terms and conditions and to minimize risk.
(6) Establish and maintain sound professional relationships with suppliers.
(7) Resolve issues (e.g., pricing, quality, timing, claims, contract disputes, etc associated with terms and conditions of service agreements.
(8) Understand demand/spend profile for commodity areas and provide this information as necessary.
(9) Track and report cost savings or avoidances.
(10) Maintain current accurate records and files of all vendor agreements and related procurement records.
(11) Communicate supplier performance including supplier visits as required.
(12) Be the primary contact between Company personnel and assigned suppliers.
(13) Support, communicate and defend the mission, values and culture of the Company.


(1) Requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in related field and 8+ years of experience in Purchasing.
(2) Requires the ability to understand military specs and read blueprints.
(3) Requires the ability to understand and adhere to all laws pertaining to procurement, contracts, breach by contract, etc.
(4) CPSR experience.
(5) Experience in the Aerospace industry (aircrafts
(6) Aircraft parts and components experience.
(7) Understanding of business processes and functional inter-relationships.
(8) Knowledge and use of price and cost analysis.
(9) Strong negotiating skills.