Job Description :
Role: Senior Perl Developer
Work Location: Columbus, IN
Duration: 12 Months

Technical/Functional Skills
CGI Programming in Perl
Experience with JavaScript, HTML ,CSS and Oracle Database

Experience Required
CGI Programming in Perl
CGI Gateway interface with Web server
CGI interface with Oracle Database server
familiarity with CPAN and Libraries
Using perldoc: to review syntax and built-ins as well as modules
Creating, managing, and using modules: including the packaging, testing, building, and deployment systems
Installing CPAN modules: especially with tools such as local::lib and, perhaps, a local CPAN mirror
Using the Perl 5 analysis tools: not limited to testing modules, Perl::Tidy, Perl::Critic, and B::Deparse

Roles & Responsibilities
Lead a project from concept to deployment, including the development of requirements and assets, as well as any debugging following deployment.
Evaluate and update currently running software applications, making modifications and improvements where necessary.
Suggest ways to better improve current applications, as well as any processes.
Work with internal service representatives as well as external vendors.
Maintain good coding practices.