Job Description :
Creating environment for replication and zero downtime migration and upgrade to 12c enterprise wide.
Configuration and use Flashback to provide quick recovery and increase uptime.
Knowledge of normal ASM redundancy, SAN mirroring to contribute to HA multiple environments.
Responsible to ensure that low DB SQL latency is maintained • Perform database recoveries and resolve media corruption issues
Should be able to manage 60TB datamart with upto 4-5TB of redo per day.
RAC troubleshooting including, public IP, private IP, kernel panics, SAN I/O errors, multipathing, controllers and NICs.
Knowledge of SHELL scripts to automate various jobs for monitoring and alerting.
A resource should have knowledge of using database tools like AWR, ADDM Advisory reports, data dictionary views, TKPROF and OS utilities like vmstat, top, netstat, OSWATCHER, TFA to tune and monitor database and host respectively.
Provide on call support in emergency situations, 24/7 availability.
Identifying and help tune N/W waits for large databases with OS and N/W team.
Exploring advance compression and a few 12C features like database in memory, and multitenant and flex ASM.