Job Description :
Responsible for analysis, planning, data modeling, development and deployment of Informatica MDM based projects.
Responsible for developing and maintaining documentation of team''s technical processes.
Senior Informatica MDM Developer works with current technologies, such as Informatica technologies, Oracle database technologies, MS SQL Server database technologies, job scheduler, etc.
Configuration of Informatica MDM 10.x and above
Configuration of cleanse adapters for Informatica Data Quality
Configuration Landing Tables, Staging, Base Objects Tables, Look-ups, Cleanse Lists, Cleanse functions, Mappings, Audit trail/ Delta detection
Develop Mappings to move the data loaded from Landing to Stage by using various cleanse functions
Work closely with the Business analyst/users in gathering the Match rules and created the Match rule document
Configuration of Match & Merge Rules (Exact and Fuzzy) for consolidation process, Validation Rules and Trust scores respective of their Base Objects tables.
Work with Informatica MDM Hierarchy Manager to develop to Hierarchies as per the business needs
Creation of Informatica Data Director (IDD) application as per the business needs by creating the subject area and subject area groups
Development of Put and Get packages for both Hierarchy Manager and IDD Application
Creation of Batch jobs for Land, Stage and Load Process (Batch Process)
Code deployments between the Development to QA, UAT, Production environments
Working Security Access Manager (SAM) for creating roles and assigning users
Development to support Data Stewardship requirements.
Developing SIF APIs (GET, Search Match, PUT, Cleanse Put, Execute Batch Delete etc to search, update, cleanse, insert and delete data
Informatica Power Center and Data Quality team for MDM Data Integration
Collaborate and coordinate with Infrastructure Services and other development teams to support Informatica MDM platform development

Client : Global Financial Firm