Job Description :
Required Qualifications:

· Expert understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS

· Expert understanding of IIS versions 11 and below, including the

· integrated pipeline and ISAPI extensions

· Expert understanding of Apache Tomcat versions 8.5 and below, including the JK connector

· Expert understanding of the HTTP request/response paradigm

· Expert understanding of Java fundamentals, versions 9 and below

· Expert understanding of Java servlets and filters, bonus points for JASPIC and Tomcat Valves

· Expert understanding of RESTful web services/APIs

· Expert understanding of, including Core, MVC, and Web Forms

· Expert understanding of designing and implementing relational databases, especially Amazon Aurora.

· Expert understanding of popular Object Relational Mapping frameworks, especially JPA/Hibernate and Entity Framework

· Expert understanding of Spring MVC, especially Rest Controllers

· Expert in Angular versions 4 and above

· Expert usage of Visual Studio version 2017 and below, and IntelliJ Idea

· Proficient understanding of SOAP web services

· Proficient understanding of Windows Server 2016 and below networking fundamentals

· Proficient understanding of Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Spring IoC

· Proficient understanding of the OAuth2 authentication framework, especially OpenID Connect and JWT

· Proficient understanding of HTTPS including certificate stores, wildcard certificates, and mutual authentication

· Proficient understanding of Scrum/Agile projects

· Proficient in Jira

· Proficient in Git, especially Gitflow

· Proficient in NodeJS

· Proficient in HTML5/CSS3 grid based layouts, especially Bootstrap and FlexGrid

· Proficient with Jenkins continuous integration