Job Description :
Note- 12+ months, must have strong Spring Boot Microservices experience and have understanding on how to scale applications that have millions of hits so it doesn’t crash. Must have JPA, and Spring Data repositories, and Strong Rest API development experience, and Java 8.

Ask your consultants this question and record their answers and include it in the submittal notes to me. Make sure they are comfortable doing a 4 hour coding test and they must have the latest technologies with Spring Boot, JPA, Java 1.8. 12+ month contract. Glendale, CA. Disney. We have been typically doing $80/hr c2c-90$/hr on c2c

QUESTION: “If you are asked to write a Java microservice that will handle 16 billion hits per month, describe the issues that you will consider as part of your design process to ensure scalability?”

Must Have:
Java7 or higher
RESTful services
Unit testing
Spring Boot/JPA
Nice to Have:
RabbitMQ/message queues
Business Rules Engines
Residuals experience