Job Description :
Position: Senior Hadoop Admin
Contract: 5 months
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Top Three Skills:
Sr. level experience with Hadoop administration - installing software on Hadoop platform
Security of the data and files; creating user accounts
Resource management- manage cluster resources; optimize resource plan for the system
Technical Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Spark, R, Python, Java and UNIX
Very Sr. level - productive from day one - what does their onboarding look like
Support a lot of data science teams - sometimes they run in to technical challenges and this person would need to help them through those problems
Spark, Python
Complex use cases
Only 1 administrator and he''s leaving - single point of failure
Have some backup admins - these people do the simple solutions but not the complex problem solving
Standard working hours - if there were any special changes
Additional Information:
One of his admin''s is leaving - last day is Jan 19th
Manage dev and administration for Hadoop - data across all seagate factories across the world - integration to all the sites and then gather the data and run analytics on top of it - 100 billions of rows every day
Going to cloud now - up until then, have on-prem, servers sit in OK right now
Thousands of tables getting loaded daily
Core team - 4 Hadoop people; 4 people on support side (new right now)
Supports Tableau, BO and Alteryx - BI engineers
This person would be working with those folks
This person would need to work onsite at least M-Th
Work Environment:
This person would be the only administrator on a team of 4 engineers and one architect.
They have support from the off-shore team for basic activities.

Client : Vendor