Job Description :
· A solid technical understanding of JavaScript (ES2016), HTML, CSS using React and Node
· Experience with NoSQL data stores, Graph databases preferred
· Hands-on API development experience
· Experience with Git and version control standard practices
· A general understanding of the different layers of the software stack and how they interact with one another
· The ability to communicate effectively about technical concepts — this includes describing and discussing technical issues with a non-technical audience
· Experience with Agile development methodology
· Strong desire to work on a small development team
Good to have
· Familiarity with continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and DevOps
· Experience with Cloud computing in AWS, especially Lambda development
· Experience with GraphQL services
Stack and Tools:
· React
· React Native
· Bootstrap
· Redux
· Apollo Client
· Neo4j
· Apollo Server
· GraphQL
· Amazon Lambda
· Amazon Cognito
Testing and Continuous Integration
· Travis CI
· Jest & Enzyme