Job Description :
Experience using Statistical and Machine Learning algorithms on real data, in commercial environments. Experience in the Telecom Domain is a big plus.
Experience with linear algebra, especially sparse systems
Excellent and wide ranging experience in supervised and unsupervised learning. Reinforcement learning a plus.
Experienced in the use and design of logistic regression, support vector machines, ensemble trees, and neural networks. Optimization problems a plus
Familiarity and experience with the standard machine learning packages, such as numpy, scipy scikit-learn, TensorFlow, keras and Theano
Deep knowledge in any of the flavors of SQL,
Experience in data munging, data cleansing etc.
Experience in feature selection, feature engineering.
Experience in the development of recommender systems.
Experience with Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Spark and MLlib.
Candidate should be very client oriented, proactive, innovative, problem solver.
Should be conversant with best practices in data sciences, data mining, and software development.
Experience with REST API
o Very Good Knowledge on one and more Statistical Tool like R/Python
o Solid hands-on experiences with Hadoop technology components such as HDFS, HBase, Cassandra, Kafa especially with Spark and Spark Streaming
o Familiar with programming concepts with C/C++ and Java.
o Very Good Knowledge on working with MS Office especially PowerPoint, Excel