Job Description :
Must Have skills
Proficiency in R/Python
Proficiency in wrangling & preprocessing datasets using Pandas/R DataFrames
Strong grasp of Machine Learning fundamentals, statistical approaches & various ML
Ability to train & fine-tune ML models using ML libraries such as Scikit-learn
Experience with Exploratory Data Analysis
Proven expertise in NLP frameworks and their use to build applications such as aspect based
sentiment analysis, question answering
Knowledge of querying tools such as Hive for extracting data from SQL & NoSQL databases
Experience working with ML models to analyze structured or unstructured data
Knowledge of various Neural Network architectures
Strong communication skills (both written & verbal)
Familiarity with Hadoop, Spark, Hbase etc., and experience working with small as well as
large datasets
Ability to interact with technical and business stakeholders
Ability to define and develop metrics/insights from data
High level understanding of optimization techniques and graph based analysis
Ability to lead a data science engagement
Ability to mentor and lead junior data scientists
Nice to Have skills
Ability to prototype in TensorFlow/PyTorch
Ability to work with production systems, and proficiency with Java, Scala
Knowledge of cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure
Knowledge of RDBMS & no-SQL databases such as Hbase, MongoDB etc

Client : Impetus Technologies