Job Description :
Senior C++ Developer (2D/3D, CAD)
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Duration: 6-12 Months Contract

Technical Skills:
At least 5-8 years
They need a strong C++ developer but they can’t be purely in embedded.
They need to have either a 2D or 3D (preferable) graphics background to understand how to own algorithmic conversions.
Any CAD or Graphic background needed
C++ with some 3D exp
The candidate should be able to understand the 3D graphic - in form of 3D videogames or college work. – any would suffice
Education: computational Geometry background - nice to have
They are not doing UI, exclusively doing background work
Last project was 3d design of machine parts, software and machine part, how would you take a block metal and drill holes,Substractive manufacturing, CAD.
3 or more project -additive manufacturing, built up layer and layer, manufactured by CAD design
Tech stack – build a system that does all of this. Build libraries that can take the part in and do the processing, control back-end
A couple others – CAD file formats, libraries, core algorithms, storage, work with DB, automated tested
OO design, test. Thinks C++ but Ersin thinks graphics background is needed