Job Description :
Role: Senior Business Objects Developer
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Duration:6-12 months

Start date: 2/26

Roles include understanding prototyped data model, high level crystal reports design documents, develop and deploy Business Objects semantic layer (Universe), develop and deploy BO Webi and Crystal reports

Gather report requirements from client(s)
Design and develop new BO universes
Modify/enhance existing BO universe
Design and create new BO Webi reports
Troubleshoot existing BO Crystal reports issues
Modify/enhance existing BO Crystal reports
Recommend quick strategy to implement Data Mart
Participate in data warehouse design and implementation
Design and implement validation SQL for Data Warehouse and Data Mart
Design, develop and deploy Data Mart
Manage stakeholders on behalf of the BO team on projects
Assist OPS to deploy BO and the data marts
Assist/advise team mates to resolve inefficient data design, SQL, PL/SQL issues
Develop custom queries
Adverse experience in BO SDK solutions
Adverse experience in Restful Webi API and Restful Crystal API’s