Job Description :
This is description of tasks and skills that are required for this position of senior business analyst

1. Develop system design specification


1. Develops and prepares documents for the general design of solutions that meet system and security requirements, including the selection of alternative approaches.

2. Develops specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software configurations.

3. Develops structured diagrams for the specifications of databases, communication systems, computer or storage area networks, security or network programs.

4. Develops, compiles, maintains and documents configurations of the following: databases, servers, computers, security and network monitor systems, packaged programs, macros, utilities, and communication systems.

5. Must be able to write SQL statements and perform database queries.

2. Perform System Design/Coding


1. Create test scripts and test application

2. Design reports and audit trails/logs

3. Occasionally contact customers as may be needed to clarify the intent of a new feature or resolve a problem

3. Perform Testing/Evaluation


1. Tests programs and systems and integrates system modules.

2. Develops, implements, and monitors information technology quality assurance standards.

3. Develops SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) strategies and test plans


Mandatory Skill: Experience with writing application software, data analysis, data access - Years of Experience: 8

Mandatory Skill: Experience with data structures, data manipulation, databases, design, programming, testing and implementation - Years of Experience: 8

Mandatory Skill: Experience with technical and user documentation, software conversions - Years of Experience: 8

Mandatory Skill: Exposure to environments include but are not limited to mainframe, mid-range, personal computers, laptops - Years of Experience: 8

Mandatory Skill: Lead in the design of program specifications and the implementation of software solutions - Years of Experience: 8

Mandatory Skill: Experience with Web Service Development and consumption - Years of Experience: 2

Mandatory Skill: Knowledge of SOA trends, SOA standards, XML, XSLT, SOAP, XML Schemas, IEPDs and WSDL usage - Years of Experience: 4