Job Description :
Years of Experience:
8-10 years building products and architecting solutions.

Must Have qualifications:
Top tier consultant firm experience
Experience advising clients on Data Modernization initiatives. Ability to deal with structured, semi-structured, unstructured and streaming data.
Ability to lead proofs-of-concepts and then effectively transition and scale those concepts into production at scale through, engineering, deployment and commercialization.
Serve as an expert; envision and integrate emerging data technologies, anticipate new trends to solve complex business and technical problems.
Experience in sales, pre-sales functions, leading pursuits, proposal development, and statement of works.
Ability to work in the United States without visa sponsorship now or in the future


Experience designing, developing, optimizing and troubleshooting complex data-intensive ETL process.
Experience in Neo4J to build to store, query, analyze and manage highly connected data using native graph storage, native graph processing, graph scalability, high availability, graph clustering, graphs in the cloud, graphs on Spark, built-in ETL, and integration support.
Must have cypher scripting skills also experienced in languages like .Net, Groovy,Java, Python,and Scala.
Comfortable cloud technologies in using one of the cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, and GCP
Ability to engineer for performance, scalability, latency, & reliability.
DevOps and automation experience highly desired