Job Description :
Direct End Client: State of New York
Job Title: Security specialist
Duration: 24 Months
Start Date: November, 2018
Location: Albany, NY
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: Telephonic Interview/Face to face/Skype
Cbiz requirement ID: SNY_NET793_AA

Required Skills:
84 Months Demonstrated experience in software development utilizing Visual Basic 6, VB.NET and ASP in 2-tier, 3-tier and Web based environments.
72 Months demonstrated experience in software development which directly supports federally regulated patient medical records and healthcare provider records systems in a government setting.
84 Months Demonstrated experience utilizing RSA Authentication Manager, Federated Identity Manager and Access Manager Interfaces and APIs.
72 Months Demonstrated experience performing system administration specific to the management of multi-factor authentication systems using password token solutions for user authentication.
72 Months Demonstrated experience administering RSA Cleartrust/Access Manager.
60 Months Demonstrated experience developing Install shield, install from the Web (Version 7-9) to distribute client software in an environment exceeding 10,000 workstations.
24 Months Demonstrated experience managing application security solutions such as HP Fortify source code analysis solutions in support of an application development teams of 20 or more developers and in support of a NIST 800-64 Secure Software Development compliant lifecycle.
84 Months Demonstrated experience working with enterprise wide security solutions in an environment exceeding 15,000 users.
60 Months Demonstrated experience utilizing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
Active or expired Microsoft Certification in .NET or other application developer technologies

State of New York - Information Technology Services (ITS)
The analysis and research of new security technologies, providing expertise in the integration of SSO, provisioning and directory integration within a large technological environment. And various Behavioral Health projects as necessary.
Daily Tasks will include but not limited to the following:

Development of security modules in support of various application development requirements using Visual Basic 6 and C# .Net.
Development of application usage reports to be utilized by multiple OMH bureaus.
Overall technical assistance to application development and security staff.
Assisting IT staff in proficient use of identity toolsets.
System management of access management platforms including RSA Access Management, RSA Authentication Manager and RSA Federated Identity Manager.
Development of security modules in support of account management and user self-service procedures using C# .Net.
Troubleshooting issues and outages involving OMH security components, applications and servers.
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