Job Description :
Job Title: Search Engineer Lead – Job Description Location: Ridgefield Park, NJ

should be able to architect and lead the implementation of highly scalable Elastic search implementation. The candidate will be responsible for setting up the architecture of the Elastic search clusters, defining schema mappings, tuning relevancy and ranking algorithms based on the data set and project needs. The person should have the clear understanding of the matching scoring algorithms and configure the expected customization. The person is expected to lead the implementation with the development, QA teams.

Programming data ingestion flows from multiple data sources for Search
Mapping JSON and free text data in Elastic search
Defining analyzers, tokenizers, filters, DSL queries for Elastic search to handle client''s customer search request
Writing Search APIs to expose search functionalities to search clients
Production environment monitoring using dashboards, alerts & reports
Periodic report generation and analysis of systems behavior
Maintain documentation for runbooks and troubleshooting guides
Troubleshooting and fixing (or escalating) application issues

Required skills:
Problem Solving and Analytical thinking
Good experience in Elastic search version 5.x or above
Set up Elastic search Cluster nodes for scale
Working knowledge of building micro services
Ability to understand and learn about a new domain and tasks quickly
Strong knowledge in Java 7 or above
Working experience in Linux(or any *nix platform) with minimal scripting skills in bash
Prior experience in handling bugs/incidents/tickets

Experience in Endec
Golang or Nodejs working experience
Knowledge of nginx, postgres, rethinkdb