Job Description :
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Visa - Green Card OR US Citizen

*Scrum Master (with Development background

*Location: Redwood City, CA*

*Duration: 6 month C2H*

Interview: Phone + Onsite

Client is looking for a Scrum Master that had a developer background. This
is a mid-level role but the would love to get someone Sr.

Job Purpose

We are looking for an experienced Scrum Master to join us in helping teams
to deliver predictably while improving their agility. The Scrum Master has
the primary responsibility for leading the agile process for one or more
teams, ensuring ownership and predictability of delivery. The Scrum Master
plays a role in Agile planning, facilitating the Agile process, supporting
delivery teams, and providing advice and guidance.


Prepare for and facilitate planning for development & delivery of approved
features by working with the product owner and the scrum team
Assist with prioritizing stories
Understand and execute Safe Agile implementation at Cox Automotive
Plan and slot development to sprints and releases
Help write and break-down stories to the right size for sprint completion
Drive stories to Ready state in preparation for upcoming sprints
Work with the team and Product Owner to maintain a healthy backlog and plan
Agile Ceremony Facilitation
Ensure the team follows and improves their processes
Facilitate daily stand-ups, sprint planning, grooming, demo,
retrospectives, and other related team and inter-team meetings
Actively participate in sprint demonstrations
Foster team collaboration and communication
Maintain and generate information radars for the teams
Collect team metrics, share with team, suggest new metrics, and drive
improvement using the metrics
Delivery Ownership and Team Support
Demonstrate ownership of delivery
Remove impediments to the team s ability to delivery
Work closely with the team, internal stakeholders such as product owners,
management, other scrum teams, operations and external stakeholders such as
other Cox organizations, partners, and customers
Communicate appropriate status of progress and impediments to internal and
external stakeholders.
Facilitate cross-team coordination, tracking and following up with external
Act as a buffer between external distractions and the team helping the team
to keep focus. Protect the team and minimize disruptions.
Facilitate team development, mediate conflicts and encourage healthy team
Coordinate resolution of operational issues.
Help the team with testing when necessary.
Coordinate environment setups & maintenance, code deployments, and
production releases.
Help triage support and production issues, making sure the right tickets
are brought into the sprint and pushed through to production when needed.
Minimize changes to the sprint backlog, but if changes are made, reduce
impact to the sprint by re-balancing tickets as necessary.
Advice and Guidance
Mentor team members and other stakeholders on Agile best practices.
Mediate conflicts between development team s goal of delivering high
technical quality and product owner s goal of delivering more features.
Create a sharing and learning environment, promoting best practices such as
pair-programming and cross-functional training.
Coach the teams to embrace agile practices in their daily work, helping
each team member find and understand their role within the process.
Promote teamwork to achieve sprint goals.
Lead the teams towards agile maturity.
Participate in scaling agile throughout the organization.
Experience applying scrum for 3-5 years
Experience as a Scrum Master at an organization that is committed to using
agile as a core methodology to deliver business value
Experience in affecting change in organizations towards agile adoption
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Experience in any part of the software development life cycle a plus - as
developer, tester, analyst, product manager, project/program manager, etc.
Experience with applying test automation, test-driven development,
continuous integration, and continuous deployment to achieve built-in
quality by the teams
Excellent communication skills
Experience using agile project management tools