Job Description :
Manager Notes:

Wants to see consultants who can make an in person interview first

TFS experience is a must – knows how to administer TFS. Knows the configuration options.

Really knowledgeable in TFS and Jira.

Engage with other teams.

Good writing skills – Release notes

Mix of Agile and Waterfall. Multiple projects at a time.

See the notes below from the manager.


Manager is open to candidates with at least 4-5 years as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach, leaning more toward the role of a Coach - not looking for candidates with 20+ years of IT experience.

MUST be experienced with TFS for iteration planning - knows how to set it up for iteration planning, how to set up a project team, etc. An administrator, not a user. Will be a go-to for the team to suggest processes and other capabilities they aren''t currently using. (It is possible they will move to JIRA this summer, so knowledge of JIRA is also preferred

Manager wants to know how many projects candidates have worked on simultaneously. (In fact, this is an interview question!) She stated if they have only worked on up to 2-3 projects at a time, they won''t be happy, as this isn''t a true Agile environment. (If they say less than 10, the team likely won''t move forward This team works on a service that supports many projects, so they need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment and "manage chaos." There are numerous projects across 5 domains, so they will need to know how to prioritize and understand that priorities change daily.

Manager will rely on the Scrum Master to write weekly reports and generate release notes (i.e. what they completed and the benefit it provides to the company, user stories, defects, etc These notes are sent to upper management, so it is very important they are well-written. She will look at resumes closely for good grammar, formatting, and consistency. She does not want to see resumes that have been modified by the recruiter for certain buzz words to "jump out," like random capitals or bolded words.

Successful candidate will be outgoing, friendly - someone who will approach different teams and ask them to help prioritize items and maintain composure when it gets difficult - almost a customer service aspect to it.

A bachelor''s degree is not required - equivalent experience is fine - although the manager does like to see engineering degrees, even military backgrounds.


Coordinate and monitor the Scrum process from initiation through delivery.

Serve as liaison between the product owner, development team, and management in order to ensure that all targets and requirements are met.

Ensure that team members understand project objectives.

Maintain product backlog and release plan, and facilitate productivity by setting up meetings and removing impediments that may obstruct the pursuit of the team''s sprint goals.

Preserve flexibility and ability to rapidly respond to changes.

Considered highly skilled and proficient in discipline.

Conducts complex work important to the organization.

Works under minimal supervision.


Minimum of 4-5 years as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach, leaning more toward the role of a Coach.

Extensive knowledge of TFS, including admin functions and dashboards, for iteration planning.

Must have experience with companies adopting a modified Agile implementation.


Knowledge of JIRA.

Bachelor''s degree.

Scrum Master Certification.

Knowledge of the airline industry.

Knowledge of SharePoint (management, admin