Job Description :
For Scrum Master, we want someone who can : • Facilitate Process: Help carve viable product slices in a series of sprints, and enable delivery through facilitating organizational support structure.
Manage Risks: Proactively identify risks before they impede team performance, and collaborate with team to develop mitigation plans.
Bring Transparency: Provide timely, accurate, and actionable information to program stakeholders in a structured and transparent way.
Catalyze Self-organization: Create a need for change from traditional team management, and become a catalyst for self-management and accountability.
Improve Team Velocity: Encourage testing of assumptions as early as possible, leveraging gains, and learning quickly from failures, in order to improve velocity.
Build Confidence: Build stakeholder confidence through rigorously practicing ‘show not tell’ paradigm.

Requirement -
Thorough knowledge of agile and scrum methodologies.
Track record in practicing agile product development, preferably in financial domain.
Top notch written and verbal communication skills, including effective presentation skills.
Deep experience with Jira
Versatility with MS Office, and Confluence