Job Description :

* Bachelor''s Degree and 4 yrs. of experience; OR Master’s Degree with 2 yrs. of experience in Computer Science or related field
* 4+ years of experience building scalable eCommerce applications or mobile software
* Work with Java or Scala(preferred) and other related technologies to design and develop robust high-performance and scalable applications for use.
* Very good experience with the SMACK stack specially AKKA, Spark and Kafka
* Good experience with AKKA HTTP and the Actor model
* Strong knowledge and experience with distributed data (Cassandra, Hadoop, Couchbase, ScyllaDB, Cosmos DB,
* Experience with a scripting language like Python, Shell
* Experience with Continuous Integration and related tools (Sbt, Jenkins, Maven,
* Experience with Code Quality Governance related tools (Sonar, etc
* Experience with Source Code Management Tools
* Strong computer science fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, databases, operating systems, etc.
* Experience with Linux systems programming
* Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Jquery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Node.js is a plus
* 2 or more year(s) experience with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), RESTful web services
* Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions across all environments
* Utilize industry research to improve Wal-Mart’s technology environment.
* A self-motivated learner and builder with strong customer focus and obsession with quality
* Knowledge of standard tools for optimizing and testing code is a plus