Job Description :
*Admin Certification required
*Engineers needs to have knowledge of logic
*need logic understanding - talk about syntax they know and understand
*not looking for SF click and play
*need strong SF Admin that has Acct Mgmt, Chatter, optimization, territory mgmt, contact mgmt, sharing rules, set up users & profiles, case mgmt
*basic programming skills with group concept
*classes inheritance like with Java but on SF - some programming experience
*60% Admin and 40% Dev
*debugging existing code - where do we go to look at classes - troubleshooting
*basic logic - configure and work the rules - test and code different logic
*could be strong in admin and has some dev experience that works - need to configure, troubleshoot and debug
*need to have one or two years of Salesforce experience
*Apex and Lightning must have
*trying to hire developer that has worked as an Admin - the should know OO concepts
*Q - how do you set up user access in Salesforce? - there are different ways - tell them all the ways you know
*Q - authentication of different actions - how data is created and updated