Job Description :
Job description:
DSA is currently developing communities web pages for our Sales-force Environment. We need additional help on the developing side to develop our backlog of community requests. This person would come in and develop community sites for business offices within DSA.
Ideal candidate will have broad based past experience in designing, prototyping, and building custom data centric web based applications in either MS or Oracle based client/server environments.
The developer would be asked to work with business users on helping to develop requirements and functionality that is desired by the business, so excellent communication skills are a must.

Required Skills

HTML, XML, scripting languages (JavaScript, PL SQL) is essential, and experience with one or more of the following platforms is Required
Object oriented programming knowledge - JAVA Development environment - S-Controls, AJAX Toolkit, Apex API
Salesforce Communities experience

Break down the following or % of time that will be spent on the following.
New Development -70%
Maintenance – 10%
Enhancements – 10%
Support – 10%

Mangers Note
Will they work with users on the front end of the process to gather specifications- No, we have a BA for this, but may work with business during development time if they have questions.
What is the size and makeup of the team and where will this person rank We currently have another developer, a BA, and 3 database admins on the team. We are working to hire two more staff ( a database admin and developer) This person would work along with the current developer and develop Salesforce communities.
Will they do their own testing Yes
Will they implement the applications they write yes, they will implement and provide support
Please describe the project/goals from a high level Salesforce Communities are being used to communicate with external businesses, it will allow a central login for all applications within DSA. We currently have several projects that we are not able to handle with the current staff level, so we are getting a contractor temporarily to help us keep up with demand.

Notes From Manager: For this role we are looking for someone that has strong Object Oriented Programming and Experience Specifically in Java Development to work on Sales-force application. Having experience in Salesforce Development is a must. A big plus is if someone has Apex or lightening. Ideally would like a candidate with significant experience is creating Salesforce communities and able to extensively discuss the Salesforce lingo and technology. Knowledgeable of the system, but that also has real world experienced developing in Salesforce.

The agency is looking for candidates with strong Salesforce development experience with a strong background in Salesforce Communities.

Seeking your positive and prompt response

Client : State Of South Carolina