Job Description :
Title: Safe Scrum Master /Agile Coach

Location: Raleigh NC, United States

Duration: 12+ Months

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Job Description
We are looking for a highly motivated and dynamic scrum master to join our =
growing team in Raleigh, NC. The individual in this role would be responsib=
le for overseeing our software development team and working under the agile=
methodology. We are seeking a candidate who has proven leadership skills, =
the ability to think critically and problem-solve, and a track-record of en=
suring project milestones and deadlines are met.


Act as a leader to our software development team
Oversee design, implementation, QA, and validation of programming code and =
Create project outlines and timelines and distribute responsibilities to te=
am members
Facilitate daily scrums, stand-ups, and meetings to monitor project progres=
s and resolve any issues the team may be experiencing
Shape team behavior through excellent management via the agile method
Perform reviews on software development team members
Remove project obstacles, develop solutions with team
Ensure milestones are reached and deadlines are met throughout project life=
Build strong relationships with stakeholders, application users, and progra=
m owners
Document progress and communicate to upper management and stakeholders
Take responsibility for successful product delivery
Requirements / Qualifications
Required Skills - SAFe Certified Scrum Master, SPC 4.0, Java developer back=
Bachelors Degree
SAFe Agile 5+ years
Scrum Master 5+ years
Leadership Skills 5+ years