Job Description :
Role: SWIFT Infrastructure Engineer and Administrator
Location: Chicago IL
Interview Process: Telephonic and Skype
Duration : Full time and 6-12 Months Contract Position

Experience with SWIFT Alliance suit of applications are necessary
Experience with implementing SWIFT Services (SWIFT Net, FIN, Interact and File Act)
Working knowledge of SWIFT Customer Security Program Policies & Control Objectives
Good understanding of networking concepts, protocols, and firewall implementation

1. Planning, coordination and execution of all SWIFT infrastructure maintenance tasks, including patching of the SWIFT Alliance application server components.
2. Administration of AWP, SAA, SAG and SNL; working with Security Officers (LSO/RSO) on tasks that require additional security enhancements
3. Administration of HSM clusters; Coordinating hardware platform upgrades and/or replacements with SWIFT vendor and other internal infrastructure support groups
4. Coordinating leased line upgrades and/or VPN boxes replacement with SWIFT vendor and other internal infrastructure engineering groups
5. PKI certificate management.
6. Migration of SWIFT Alliance software components to different hardware platforms and/or operating systems.