Job Description :
DevOps Engineer - Onsite interview
Horsham, PA - Local to PA and NJ only

Looking for DevOps person
Linux, VmWare, Scripting (bash, Pearl, XML), networking, troubleshooting and technical writing skills.

Top 3 Required Skills
High Level experience in performing installs for Linux (not via
KickStart) , VmWare, networking

Preferred but Not Required Skills
Oracle, Java,

Top 3 soft skill sets (Presentations, organization, culture fit, etc Ability to be a team player Social skills Flexibility

Education level desired and years of experience 3-5 minimum devOps

An understanding of load balanced/proxies/multi-homed networking environments, routers, switches
DSLAM, VRAD configuration & management experience a plus
Experience with VM build environments (Linux) and deployment tools such as Chef Server
Experience installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex Linux environments
Experience with creating, optimizing, and maintaining VMWare based virtual environments
Experience installing/configuring/starting/troubleshooting
RPMs, Tarball and Java programs in Linux
Experience in integrating, optimizing, and using Oracle in an environment (GolgenGate a plus)
Familiar with DNS, DHCP, Apache/Nginx, routing, IP addressing
(IPv4 & IPv6), VLANs, packet analysis, network troubleshooting, etc.
above average written and verbal communication skills – customer facing
Able to apply troubleshooting logic to complex problems including networking, application servers, Oss, protocols, databases, etc. and the mixture of these
Write & troubleshoot xml, REGEX, perl, Bash scripts, DB queries, etc.
Understand ARRIS hosted environment process for Staging and Production
Create packages (non-RPM) for customer installation of PS products
Create dev environments (build virtual instances) to mimic current customer’s production environment
Write MOPs (assumes that they understand CMS/ECO processes to write MOPs)
Understand configuration of CMS and ECO within a customer’s environments