Job Description :
Develop, design, tune and maintain SSIS packages to perform the ETL process.
Development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, BIDS, SQL Profiler, TFS, VSS and Eclipse.
Proficiency in High Level Design, Detail Design Sequence Diagrams and Technical Documentation.
Design and develop SQL Server stored procedures, functions, views and triggers to be used during the ETL process.
Perform data profiling and source to target mappings (while capturing ETL and business metadata) for populating Kimball style dimensional models.
Write scripts for automated testing of data in the target facts and dimensions.
Capture audit information during all phases of the ETL process.
Write and maintain documentation of the ETL processes via process flow diagrams.
Conduct appropriate functional and performance testing to identify bottlenecks and data quality issues.
Be able to implement slowly changing dimensions as well as transaction, accumulating snapshot, and periodic snapshot fact tables.
Collaborate with business users, MDM team members, and other developers throughout the organization to help everyone understand issues that affect the data warehouse.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills – must be able to communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing