Job Description :
Assist Senior Database Administrator to plan, test and implement migration from SQL
Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016. Must have experience implementing and managing
certificates and encryption. Additional responsibilities include administrating application,
databases and systems environments to ensure high performance outcome and client
expectations are fulfilled. Also responsible for all activities related to the administration
and design of computerized databases and analysis of all requirements for new or
modified applications in order to develop database specifications.
Database Support: Ensure, either directly, or indirectly through DBA staff, the
effectiveness of the corporate database environment. Analyze and define the
properties required by a Database Management System that will meet the
current and future needs of the company. Participate in the analysis of the
company’s business and define the logical database structure for current and
future application development. Establish and maintain the corporate data
Database Maintenance: Ensure that all production databases are properly maintained
to ensure optimum performance. Continually review production processing to
measure database performance, and improve where required.
Development Support: Ensure that the development and QA teams have an adequate
database environment in which to develop and test solutions requiring a DBMS.
Monitor space usage, and ensure that these environments remain in synch with
the production environment.
Production Support: Oversee, or directly handle, the process of migrating database
changes into the production environment during all software releases. Partner
with the Help Desk and Applications Development staff in troubleshooting and
fixing any production problems by diagnosing any database issues that
contribute to, or were caused by, the problem. Ensure that any database
problems are repaired. Perform data corrections as requested by the business.
Also partner with Applications Development staff in the creation and/or running
of database queries requested by the business community.
Security: Ensure that the security of the database is maintained by periodically
reviewing user access, and ensuring that employees no longer requiring access
to the database are removed from having access.

Key Technologies
SQL Server 2008/2012/2016 Database administration,
SQL 2012/2016 Report Service administration
SQL 2012/2016 Analysis Service administration