Job Description :
any visa/tax term


3-6 months CTH

Monterey, CA

Top three skills:
Experience as a DBA
Exp with SQL server, Performance and tuning, correct bugs
Exp writing complex SQL queries and stored procedures.
Experience with any ERP systems would be nice to have
Looking for a DBA who has some development skills
Technical degree is a must have.
Really looking for smart folks.
Number of years of experience won t matter as much.
Need to have great comm skills.
Looking for Sr. database dba/engineer with atleast 5-7 years of experience.
They need help implementing new project into their ERP system.
Background in Computer science or related major is preferred.
Experience working with Any ERP system would be ok.
Some flexibility o the hours( 8-5) (9-6)
Required Skills:
Combination of traditional DBA skill set (backups estores, maintenance,
log shipping, capacity planning, monitoring, etc and SQL Server
development skill set (T-SQL, DTS/SSIS, Reporting applications, etc using
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 through 2017
Significant experience re-architecting business processes and
applications to improve performance, save time, correct bugs and meet
organizational deadlines
SQL Server performance tuning experience including analysis, diagnosis,
correction testing, implementation and verification
Experience upgrading custom OLTP and third-party vendor databases to SQL
Server 2017
High level of multi-tasking to support application(web-based net)
business, DBA and development needs in real-time
Experience writing complex SQL scripts for reports.
Experience with database backup and recovery.
Experience with ERP systems.
Experience supporting a production environment.
Knowledge of Web tools and Web implementation methodology
Experience with end user solutions in a Web Environment

General Functions:

Troubleshoot and resolve day-to-day database issues in all environments
to ensure system stability and performance.
Lead hange management process in Development, QA and Production
environments for all database code and dathanges
Fulfill ad-hoc reporting requests for technology and business units
Discover, document and communicate database design for development and
reporting needs
Support development staff by answering questions, conducting code
reviews, communicating best practices recommendations, etc.
Provide support to application developers, QA engineers, system
administrators and end-users.
Support off-hours maintenance and production load activities.

Minimum Qualifications:

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 5-7 years of hands-on
experience in the IT field. A genuine aptitude and desire to quickly master
new systems and successfully apply past experience to new environments is
essential. Frequent end-user interaction requires strong interpersonal
skills, effective communication with a focus on customer satisfaction. Must
be able to multi-task and manage multiple priority tasks. Teamwork and
problem solving skills are a must.

A degree in Computer Sciences, Engineering, or a related field is required.