Job Description :
ASP.NET Developer
Plano TX
Can accept all visa statuses

Skills Required:

7+ years’ experience in development or related role
3+ years’ experience in Sitecore, including 1+ years of experience in Sitecore MVC
2-3 years of experience in .NET/ASP.NET MVC preferred
BS or MS Degree

Yes/no: Has this resource led a SiteCore project from inception to deployment
Yes/no: Is this resource a technical expert in SiteCore
2 years: SiteCore MVC
5 years:

Description of services:
Be responsible for the technical implementation of client’s projects in SiteCore and/or ASP.NET MVC.
Communicate well with the development team members, with Project Managers, with clients, with other disciplines, with the Sitecore Technical Lead, and with technical managers
Adhere to established team and company-wide standards
Be client facing throughout the project lifecycle;
Author as well as review client-facing documentation;
Lead and contribute to internal technical documentation (wiki)
Author technical designs sometimes involving complex integrations and multiple servers
Lead and perform difficult development tasks such as complex integrations; Provide Level of Effort (LOE) estimates; Be the primary technical resource throughout the project lifecycle; Work on multiple projects at once when needed; Be a technical expert in their field (e.g. Sitecore