Job Description :
Job Description:

Migrating off of .com platform and building their own – using salesforce, web front end, store front, highly integrated into Converse SAP and 3PL is using SAP WM
Test orchestration – “test architect” compliment SAP frameworks, built out with a new one involved in storefront technology, web tech and cloud technology.
Client using Cucumber, Jenkins and Selenium as a tech stack. Will also need Perl, Python and/or R
OM (SAP Order Management) and FI (Finance) – two keys of what they need
Heavy finance background, or heavy in order management
Is it testable? How do they use this? Needs a tester but someone who also knows how to use the application
MUST have Amazing communication skills and though leadership ability- heads down will not work or get hired.
Wants someone to push the team to get better
Min 10 years of experience