Job Description :
Should be able to support design, configuration and implementation efforts around Inbound and Outbound logistics.

Should be able to implement and support of new SAP TM processes for master data, transportation-order management interface, transportation mode selection, transportation capacity management, transportation planning, carrier selection, transportation execution, monitoring, and event management, transportation compliance, charge management, charge settlement, integration with other components, analytics and KPI’s.

Work with TM team to support new processes being implemented as part of a SAP go-live.
Member of transportation management team providing SAP TM support for SAP go-lives and post production support.
Collaborate on TM Inbound/outbound logistics process design and best practice enhancements.
Support setup of transportation management master data - general data including organizational structure, products, dangerous goods, business partners, and transferring master data between SAP and SAP TM; transportation network including locations, transportation zones or lanes, schedules, transshipment locations, default routes, trade lanes, Transportation Network Cockpit / overview Personal Object Work List, and integration of geographical information systems; and resources including vehicles and trailers, calendars and handling resources, transportation units and equipment.
Support Go Live and ongoing production support