Job Description :
Position: SAP SCM Consultant
Duration: 6 + months contract
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Job Description:

Supply Chain Planning needs inputs from SAP in these general areas:
Master Data
Warehouse Management

Our projects are 90% pulling data FROM SAP, 10% returning data TO SAP.

We need a functional person who knows where to get data in SAP:

When we describe a client business process and its entities, this person must be able to identify and have understanding of the matching business process in SAP and be able to tell us where the relevant data is in SAP
o Person may make recommendations as to best method to extract, but we don’t actually need this person to write any code
This person must know also know the details of what each SAP element means
Person must have good communication skills - will talk to client subject matter experts to gain understanding of client processes and be able to articulate corresponding SAP processes to ensure correct matches.