Job Description :
o Microstation CAD/CAM Design Engineer (3 contractors needed)
As part of the SAP Plant Maintenance Master data cleansing program, review EQUIPMENT P&ID drawing and make appropriate updates to the P&ID drawing based on field verification and manual data collection
Ability to interpret Microstation Cad / CAM P&ID drawings and make any updates to the drawings. Experience with SAP Equipment Master and BOM is preferred.

o SAP PLANT Maintenance with Equipment BOM Master Data Cleansing Experience (2 contractors needed)
Foundational SAP-PM Data Cleansing
Supplier will:
(i) Equipment identification and verification — Under the direction of the EY Project Lead
(A) Office work: Identify discrepancies between SAP PM and P&IDs and document findings on Client provided templates. Client will provide P&ID drawings and an export copy of SAP equipment data. 3500 P&IDs, 97,000 equipment (estimated)
(B) Field work: Identify discrepancies between field equipment and P&IDs and document findings on Client provided templates. During field verification, RESOURCE will mark discrepancies on P&IDs drawings and capture valuable specifications from equipment name plates, where name plates do not exist, RESOURCE will request plate from Client and place on equipment. Client will provide P&ID drawings, and validate PSM equipment
(C) Final Deliverable: All P&IDs cross verified with SAP, field verified and inputs to SAP team for missing equipment, full equipment identifications and BOMs,
? Review the extracted SAP equipment data, P&ID drawings
? Work with each business unit and assist with onboarding material for line walk-throughs
? Prepare operational cadence required for line walk-throughs, including how to conduct line walk-throughs, capture information on P&ID drawings, capture missing equipment in SAP, etc.
Part 2
Cross-units, perform iteratively with the BOM team — Field verification
? Review P&ID drawings and SAP equipment data by business unit and identify missing equipment in either case
? Onboard and train walk-through leads for each business unit to efficiently complete line walk-throughs
? Perform line walk-throughs with P&ID drawings and SAP equipment data sheet to capture the following data:
? Equipment as listed on P&ID is on the field; review all captured information is accurate
? If equipment missing on P&ID, capture all required information on P&ID and check if information is accurate in SAP data sheet
? If equipment missing on P&ID and SAP data sheet, capture information on P&ID as well as SAP load template information
? If equipment missing on SAP data sheet and present on P&ID, verify all information on P&ID is accurate and populate relevant SAP load information
? Perform business unit line walk-through to maintain equipment spreadsheet to track progress, organize P&ID drawings for review, and work with Client-provided data engineer to load results in SAP
? Collect additional missing equipment identification information via field walk-throughs
? Add equipment plates where missing

Client : Great Client !!!