Job Description :
We have the below Urgent role to fill for our client at AR. Please let me know if you are interested here. Thank you!!
Plant Maintenance (PM) Service Orders

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Duration – 6 weeks.
$Market/hr All Inc


Looking for a Business Analysis or SAP consultant that has experience working in Plant Maintenance (PM) Service Orders. The ability to quickly pick up on the process that has been created and configured in SAP along with some modifications to teach the end users in Phoenix how the process works, assist them with the user acceptance testing, and gather reporting requirements.

The candidate must have an expert knowledge around PM Service Orders and how they interact with functional locations within SAP PM. Good understanding of how Master Data (MD) is created in PM is a must since they will need to insure all MD was done correctly. Must know SAP PM reporting capabilities to advice the users on the existing reporting options and gather reporting requirements outside what is provide by SAP PM so that the team back in Houston can make decisions on how to meet the user’s reporting needs.
Understanding the use of DMRs is a must