Job Description :
Title: SAP OTC Lead Consultant

Location: New York City, NY

Job type: Contract/ Full time

Relevant skills & experience:

Duties and tasks will include, but not be limited to:

· Lead the requirements, design, development, testing and cutover activities on the project.

· Work with Paramount and Viacom OTC Leads on a daily basis.

· Receive direction to work on logged ALM Tickets from the OTC Lead.

· Prior experience with Viacom Media Networks applications is a plus.

· Major enhancement/ new functionality done independently.

· Knowledge on IDOC type: Its message type, different status of incoming/outgoing IDOCs in sales order and billing area.

· Accounting document split.

· FBL5N, F-28 functionality, with document type and posting Key.

· VAT and withholding tax treatment.

· Invoice output communication methods.

Education Qualification : Bachelor Degree