Job Description :
Need an HANA Architect and 5 to 10 developers to round out the team. They must be American and have done 3 previous HANA implementations / projects. The start on this is after Labor Day and the duration is 2 to 3 years.
This roll out will start at Oak Ridge National Labs then continue to Y-12. Both of these companies are part of the Dept of Energy and are located in Oak Ridge, TN right next to Knoxville, TN. They would like the team to stay together and do both roll outs so the duration will be 2+ years

Scope of Work for TOPIC Project Tool, Opportunities, Performance, Improvement, Communication
The client currently utilizes multiple processes and platforms to communicate internally across the Enterprise and externally with customers. Examples of some of these systems are the client s problem evaluation request system, electronic suspense tracking and routing systems, correspondence action tacking system, and issue management system, emergency information management system, occurrence reporting andprocessing system, integrated audits and assessmentsscheduling, and non-compliance tracking systems.
All development work will be done using the SAP HANA platform, Fiori interface, and delivery tools. The candidates chosen for this project will be involved in planning and strategy development; determining security needs, custom screens, additional fields, configurations; setting up security based upon Need-To-Know requirements and business rules; analyzing and mapping of data in the source systems; determining and developing a database; developing custom screens; developing workflows based upon business rules and security requirements; developing business processes; conducting resource impacts of new processes; completing all SQA documentation; testing and cyber documentation/approvals; obtaining all approvals prior to production roll-out; testing and deployment of packages through QA and production environments; training and mentoring both on the technologies used to deploy solutions and on the specific implementation at site; documentation in support of these efforts; design and development services.
This isa multi-year effort, so the project will be delivered in an Agile manner. The project will be conducted in 2-week sprints with the initial sprints focusing on overall system design and then subsequent sprints will build out one module at a time. Releases will occur roughly every 90 days after the initial conceptual design is finished.
In order to meet the customer''s vision for consolidating these systems employees will provide a single source for information, including

Information for management
Required reporting
Customer notifications
Issues management, and
Data analysis

Consolidate software and eliminate unneeded software packages
Consolidate and streamline process to remove redundancy, non-value-added steps and waste; and
Leverage best practices from each site and outside sources.
This effort is aligned with the Performance Excellence strategy requesting a robust, timely and accurate communication system.

The scope of this project includes:
Replacing and retiring the source systems (in phases);
Importing applicable data from the legacy systems;
Archiving legacy system data for long term records management;
Linking data from the source systems into a single TOPIC Item''
Allowing Create/Read/Update/ lete (CRUD) actions on Topic items;
Providing additional TOPIC fields;
Enforcing Need-To-Know (NTK) security on information/fields;
Enforcing appropriate security at each stage within the workfiow;
Providing ad-hoc query and reporting capabilities;
Providing dynamic dashboards;
Providing a queue for working tasks;
Providing TOPIC admins with the ability to define rotes and place users into roles;
Setting up appropriate work flows based upon business rules;
Setting up automated notifications based upon business rules;
Allowing subscription notifications, based upon security, NTK rules, and business rules; and
Setting up methodology for records and records transfer to anappropriate records management system.
Allow commenting on any record (similar to Facebook);
Allow the user to Follow" records to get updates pushed to them asthey occur;
Allow the user to add "Tasks to any record;
Allow any record to request an ADC Review" and integrate with eDC/RO;
Allow any record to "Add Attachments" that are searchable;
Maintain a history and audit log of all accesses to a record and any
Allow the ability to enable notifications across device types;
Allow the user to subscribe to specific types of records to receive
Implement a TOPIC news feed for monitoring events in real-time,
Implement a linking system for relating any record to any other record for workflow traceability

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