Job Description :
Role : SAP GRC Consultant

Location : Culver City, CA

Job Description:

1. Lead Business Blueprint workshops for the GRC 10 implementation that covers ARA, EAM and ARM2. Guide Business to choose right controls to be implemented in GRC as per their business needs3. Migrate the GRC AC 5.3 application to GRC Version 104. Enable Business teams to understand the implication of implementing various controls5. Lead the configuration activities for GRC 106. Responsible for the business blueprint requirements and design documents and their signoff7. Assist customer to carry out System and Integration Testing8. Assist customer for the key user training in GRC9. Prepare customer for the external audit

1. Experience in being part of the Business Blueprint phase in at least two GRC implementations, preferably GRC 102. Proven experience in articulating to the business meaning and the implications of GRC Rule set3. Ability to guide the business teams to choose the appropriate controls to be implemented4. Ability to guide the business teams to add modify or mute the default controls provided by SAP5. Experience in SOD Remediation in GRC 10.06. Experience in configuring GRC Rule set7. Experience in designing and implementing user provisioning in GRC, preferably in GRC 108. Extremely good written and oral communication skills