Job Description :
Title : SAP FS-RI configurator and developer
Location: Florham Park, NJ
Duration : Fulltime/Longterm

Please share the profiles for the below JD.

1. 4+ years of experience in SAP FS-RI module

2. Proficient in ABAP programming and conversant with business processes procedures

3. Expert in end to end FS-RI system configuration and designing
4. Master in core FS-RI functionalities configuration and validation, such as
· Configure CB (Calculation Bases) and Earning Patterns
· Set up F&E (Forecast/Prognosis and Estimation) templates and Development Patterns
· Create GC (Global Condition) templates to be calculated UPR and DACC
· Create TCR (Treaty Calculation Rules) templates for NP treaty Assumed to Ceded transfers
· Set up RIC (Result Independent Conditions) for COM, BROK, FET, TAX and DACC posting and calculations
· Set up RDC (Result Dependent Conditions) for Profit Commission, No Claim Bonus and Sliding Scale
· EPI (Estimated Premium Income) and Estimations, Forecasting and Actual posting for premiums
· UPR (Un Earned Premium) calculation using F&E or Global Conditions
· Reinstatement Premium calculation, Signed line adjustments, LUD limits adjustments, NP Premium adjustments and Retro adjustments
· Periodic configuration changes handling for Entry Codes, LOB and COB
Other FS-RI concepts such as Endorsement, Co-Cedent, Participation Treaty, Fronting, Multi line/Year, Inter locking, retro, multi treaty periods and multi treaty sections