Job Description :
Job Title: SAP FS RI Consultant
Job location: Florham Park NJ
Job Duration: 6-12 Months Contract

SAP FS RI Consultant.5.SAP FSRI. Communication Team Handling.
5+ years of experience in SAP FS-RI module
Expert in end to end FS-RI system configuration and designing
Master in core FS-RI functionalities configuration and validation such as
Configure CB (Calculation Bases) and Earning Patterns
Set up F&E (Forecast/Prognosis and Estimation) templates and Development Patterns
Create GC (Global Condition) templates to be calculated UPR and DACC
Create TCR (Treaty Calculation Rules) templates for NP treaty Assumed to Ceded transfers
Set up RIC (Result Independent Conditions) for COM BROK FET TAX and DACC posting and calculations
Set up RDC (Result Dependent Conditions) for Profit Commission No Claim Bonus and Sliding Scale
EPI (Estimated Premium Income) and Estimations Forecasting and Actual posting for premiums
UPR (Un Earned Premium) calculation using F&E or Global Conditions
Reinstatement Premium calculation Signed line adjustments LUD limits adjustments NP Premium adjustments and Retro adjustments
Periodic configuration changes handling for Entry Codes LOB and COB
Other FS-RI concepts such as Endorsement Co-Cedent Participation Treaty Fronting Multi line/Year Inter locking retro multi treaty periods and multi treaty sections