Job Description :
Job Title: Ruby Rails Developer
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
No .Openings: 2

Your future duties and responsibilities
This position will build services to support client interfaces. The backend of our product is written in Rails leveraging Sidekiq, RDS (postgres) on AWS, and the like. Ruby Rails developers will be required to work in an Agile development as part of the product/solution.

Required qualifications :
Minimum 5 years’ experience in Ruby Rails or like experience for intermediate developers
Need 6-10 years in Ruby Rails or like experience for senior developers
Client facing and must be self-motivated/proactive while remote
Able to work within Agile Team

Standard skillsets needed include:
Reusable Libraries
Web Services
Optimization/ Scalability
Security and Data Protection
Integration with modern front-end frameworks
Expert in data structures
Expert in time or space complexity of basic algorithms (double nested loops, hash map retrieval, tree retrieval, etc
Expert in Java Collections
Fluency in Spanish a plus

VLink, Inc.
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Client : Financial Client