Job Description :
Role: Test Analyst- Retail
Duration: 5-6 Months
Location: Columbus, OH

Role Definition:
Test Analyst – Manual Testing
Manage overall testing efforts by coordinating and overseeing System, Performance, Integration and User Acceptance Testing
· Develop / review test scripts for System, Integration, and End-to-End Testing
· Upload test cases into HP Application Lifecycle Management
· Map project requirements to test cases
· Create defects for issues as tests are executed: Map defects to the test case in which the defect is identified
· Participate in User Acceptance Testing
· Compile and execute Manual Regression Tests in HP Application Lifecycle Management
· Oversee, coordinate, and audit System, Integration, Performance and User Acceptance Testing to ensure design meets functionality and technical requirements

Systems that are in testing:
Retail Merchandising System
Inventory Management
3rd Party