Job Description :
Job Title: Reservoir Engineer

Location: BayArea,CA

Rate: Doe

evaluate and make recommendations for horizontal development in coordination
with geologists, engineers and other stakeholders
* proactively review and update both short and long-term development
plans; collaborate with broader team to identify and progress opportunities
to maximize well economics
* collaborate with Land, Drilling, Completions, Facilities and
Production to optimize the drill schedule to deliver on business goals and
maximize value
* ensure drill-ready inventory to meet current development pace as
well as future acceleration optionality; lead planning and scheduling
* regularly assess well performance and collaborate with Reservoir
Characterization to understand key performance drivers
* analyze competitor data (data trade and public data) to help
increase team''s knowledge and assessment of optimal development strategies
* provide estimates to outlook and budget processes
* keep abreast of technology developments (internal and external)
* ensure rigorous technical evaluations are completed with appropriate
technology applications
* participate in peer assists, technical reviews and competitive
technical intelligence activities
* Solves moderate to complex engineering problems and enhances or
improves existing approaches through corrective action and continuous
improvement processes
* Serves as liaison for various internal and external departments such
as Division of Oil and Gas & Geothermal Resources, facility and controls
engineering to ensure compliance with regulations.
* Conducts annual storage field inventory analysis and reports
* Monitors injection and withdrawal performance of storage fields and
provides forecasts and reports.
* May assist in design philosophy of surface flow and control
* Constructs reservoir simulation models of storage field operations
and uses models for performance prediction and performance enhancement
studies with assistance
* Assesses well Integrity and reports anomalies. Develops remedial
responses and actions.
* Implements and maintains geologic and geographic maps and mapping
* Performs geologic and engineering evaluation of storage development
or enhancement prospects
* Administers gas storage data base (GSDB) for reservoir services
* Participates in project activity (e.g., well drilling, field
development, well workover, asset retirement)
* Assists in the development of work standards and practices as
related to storage wells and reservoirs.
* Participates on industry roundtables and groups as related to