Job Description :
Web designer
Teaneck, NJ

We are looking for Freelancers.
Team needs a Social media designer who can maintain bunch of core social media channels and to manage the contents.
Candidate must have Social media visual design experience (Web design, video work, animation, editing a video, graphic design for visual ad etc.
Candidate must have traditional design experience like HTML11 newsletters design.
Proficient in Adobe suite15+.
Ability to strategize and develop a visual design system for web channels, from look and feel to complementary design elements such as HTML email design, social media visuals
Ability to follow and create design standards for web, social media, and other interactive mediums
Ability to design animations, from concept to delivery, using Adobe After Effects
Visual Design for the web; ability to create images and animated advertisements for web is a related skill
Social media channel design experience preferred but not mandatory (web design experience could work here)
Software skills:
Should be proficient in the Adobe Suite; specific needs will be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects
Microsoft Office