Job Description :
Unix Admin
Moosic, PA

We need an Unix Consultant/Admin that can work with Client Retirement & for a short stint at onsite directly. This is for setting up the environment for a mainframe to Unix conversion project for their core admin platform
Please consider this about 6 weeks hands-on consulting/admin/setup tasks to start with. A later stint will be needed as well for Performance Testing phase, Prod setup, etc. (8 -12 weeks)
But need this very urgently. Resource must be good (not only L1/L2 but Admin
The Unix admin resource will work closely with GBTS team to expedite the Unix directory, ID set up etc.
Overall , Unix admin resource is required 4 to 5 weeks in the start of the project and then 8 to 12 weeks during Performance testing, Production parallel server and Production server setup Preferred to have the Unix admin resource at onsite to work with team.